DJ Cool Para shows Zanzibar (by Bram Vergeer)

It can be said that Cool Para is the founder of what is now called Zenji Flava, the reaction of the Zanzibar music scene on the success of Bongo Flava on Tanzania mainland. Early nineties Cool Para started releasing tracks and performing on Zanzibar. He calls his style Taarap, a mixture of the old Zanzibar music Taarab and modern rap.

In this film he talks about his lyrics, the history of Zanzibar music and the political situation on the island. Check out a video (shot partly in Amsterdam yes), a live show and a visit to his distributor on the island.


This is hilarious.  

Anonymous asked:

Is the swahili symbol for hakuna matata real?

Sorry, but it’s not real.  From what I understand, the symbol comes from a movie and gained popularity online.  Swahili uses the Latin alphabet, like English. 
Hope that helps!


africaisdonesuffering: replied:

As a Tanzanian, I agree with many of your observations.True development isn’t about buildings that make a country look Westernized. True development is when the people’s needs are met and there are opportunities from people from different standards of life to improve their well-being. I think the Chinese play an important role by building hospitals, schools, and roads. They are basically doing what Japan did for them if you read about their history in Dambisa Moyo’s book called, “Winner Take All.” The thing is that when Tanzanians or Africans receive help they sometimes allow it to cripple them and stop doing anything to better themselves. They stop relying on themselves and fall into the trap of dependency that causes a lot of social problems when local leaders ignore their citizens and obey orders from leaders of other countries with strong economies. We should train Africans abroad and at home to be responsible and futuristic. Without those two in mind, we will be selfish and not care about the future of our countries even if we can improve it. We need to re-cultivate our pride and go out and build our countries by creating jobs and more.